Protection dogs have become an essential part of wildlife security in many parts of Africa, but to maintain a K9 Unit is a costly undertaking. Each dog costs over US$1,000 every year just to cover its feed and veterinary care.
— Daryll Pleasants, Animals Saving Animals

Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB) is committed to protecting Botswana’s rhinos, with your support. We’re proud to introduce our newest recruit, who is dedicated, loyal and hard working – and has a constantly wagging tail. His name is Savas.

Savas is a Belgian shepherd (or malinois) and he’s been specially trained by Animals Saving Animals in the UK to help us protect Botswana’s rhinos and deter wildlife criminals.

For just $87 per year, you can help our vital work by adopting Savas.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your adoption is supporting Savas as he fulfils his daily mission to keep safe Botswana’s rhinos and other wildlife. Adoptions will help cover the costs of his ongoing annual training – to brush up on his incredible search, track and attack skills – as well as the protective gear to keep him and his handler safe from attack.

It will also help cover high quality food and regular medical checks for both of our protection dogs, as well as ensuring that they have toys and cuddly blankets for when their hard day’s work is done.


As one of our foster parents, you’ll receive an adoption certificate featuring stunning photographs of Savas, courtesy of Neil Aldridge, as well as quarterly updates from the field for one year. You’ll also get to know his handlers and see another side of our rhino protection work.

To us, you’re part of the team and we will keep in personal contact with you as an important member of our project.

Join Savas, the rhino protection dog, on his mission to protect Botswana’s rhinos.

Adopt Savas