You’re the reason that RCB can rescue rhinos in peril from poaching hotspots in South Africa and Zimbabwe – and make sure that they don’t face a horrific end at the hands of poachers.

It costs $65,500 to translocate a rare black rhino. This covers the purchase of the animal and all operational costs, from capture and quarantine, to veterinary and game capture support, and transport to safety in Botswana.

This year, we’re hoping to move 12 black rhinos from Zimbabwe to Botswana, with our partners Wilderness Safaris. You can help to support this vital rescue operation.

You can even name your rhino for future monitoring purposes. Choose an African name from our carefully selected list of beautiful Setswanan words or remember a loved one by naming a rhino after them.

Rhinos are facing extinction. Can you help save a life?

Thank you from the rhinos